The Story of Shakin Bacon.

In 8th grade Shakin' Bacon started out as a four piece band that played very bad music. It was so bad that when we would play at the junior high parties back then people would unplug our equipment while we played. The members of that Shakin' Bacon were Chris, Dan V, Dan B, and Jason. We didn't have a bassist so Jason played a tuned down guitar. During our reign at the top we released a demo tape entitled Pancake Style, which was recorded on a Fischer Price recorder and is one of the excuses for music that has ever been made. So this whole fiasco lasted about 2 months and then school was over and we broke up, and the world was happy.

So about a year had gone by and we all went to different high schools. Dan V was sitting around bored and decided he wanted to start setting up shows. He set up a show at the Old Firehouse(eww) which was slated for early July. In was late June and two of the bands had to drop, and a matter of days later Shakin' Bacon existed once again.

This time the members were Dan V, Chris, Eddie, and Jason on drums. Even though Jason didn't even play drums at all, we were 3x as good as the old line up and we then thought we rocked and assumed we were ready for our first show. We got laughed at and it was no fun. We have this magical performance on tape and laugh at every viewing of it.

So in the next two months Eddie switched over to guitar instead of bass(which guitar is his primary instument), we kicked Chris and Jason out, invited our old drummer Dan B back in, and Eddie's friend Nate became our bassist. By this time it was September and we were happy that we finally had a line up of people who actually played instruments. We still were and are friends with Jason to this day, he comes to practices and shows. Nate had just started playing bass and Dan V wasn't used to singing still, but they kept going as a band.

The next few months were slightly better but full of mishaps and bad shows none the less. We did release a basically shitty demo, but at people didn't laugh at us anymore.

Around December of '99 we started practicing with Pete as our drummer because he was gonna be a temporary replacement for Dan B for an upcoming show. Well temporary turned into permenant after Pete worked out great and Dan B had to be told the srtaight deal. It sucked having to do it, but Dan B understood. Anyways, practice continued with Pete and we started to get better and make newer and better songs.

In is now almost half way through 2000 and we have come along way since Pete's arrival. We've made many new friends, played some decent shows, and started coming together as a band a lot better. Our sound is original, and not accepted by some "punks" out there but I guess everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. Hopefully we will have a new decent recording soon, and we hope momentum will continue to grow. If there's one thing that we've learned it's that being in a band is about fun, not about idealistic punk shit and trying to fit into the punk genre or scene. Until then we will just continue to be four guys having fun and playing music. See you around.
<3 Dan V, and SB

Jason J here. As of the middle of June and until eternity, Shakin Bacon is broken up. It saddens all, but I am happy to report that at their last show they went out in true Pancake Style.

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