Insult to Injury

Why does he seem to dream?
Of something that can never be
And why can't she seem to see?
He's really not that bad
It hurts me when you look down on him
What I say, what I do
Still not good enough for you
Make him cry, ruin his dreams
You didn't have to be so mean
He crys alone is solitude
He crys alone in empty rooms
Why are you so mean?
He's just a human being
His only crime was caring too much

One Day

When I was with you I was the sweetest one
Hanging out with you was so much fun
Then one day you just weren't there
Then one day you just didn't care
One day you just weren't there
One day you just didn't care about me


In a short while you will have gone away
To where we can't hang out everyday
They say that time is something that we have
But I know, nothing good ever lasts
When I'm 18 you won't be standing by
When I'm 18 you will have said goodbye
When I'm 18 it's something I can't face
When I'm 18 it's time I wish I could erase
Everyday that passes I'm closer to it
A time I should enjoy
No it'll suck like shit
They say that time is one thing that we have
But I know nothing good ever lasts

Try Hard

Over a month ago we played a show
I asked people to come but they said no
They think we still will be friends
I said no and I'll say it again

We try hard, we're better than you
I'm sick of stupid people, I'm sick of you

Just 'casue I can't sing
doesn't mean you can dis me
Shut your mouth and I'll shut mine
I don't like you and I think that's fine

I have this to say before I go
Don't listen to us, don't come to our shows
Hurtful words, piss off others
You should have learned that from your mother

We try hard no matter what you say
Hate us? We'll play anyways...

No Girlfriend

Do-do-do, Do-do-do-do-do...

He doesn't have a girl friend anymore
He thinks he is so cool
But he is just a fool
Like Dan Voit...

Do-do-do, Do-do-do-do-do...

Love Song #1

Why don't you like me anymore?
Come on please, hang out with me a little more
You and I used to be such good friends
Then one day that came to an end

Why don't you like me?
(oh baby please)

I don't like songs like this
'Cause all they do is complain and bitch
Over some lost love who isn't there
Shut your mouth cause no one cares

This is the story of Dan Brennan and Lauren Bentley...
(oh baby please)


They piss you off,
They screw you over,
But I guess we'll see when we get older
They steal your money,
They steal your time,
Without the government we will be fine

Listen to what your mother says, and don't believe the government
Listen to what your mother says, and don't believe the government

That's the government

We are so Hardcore

Walkin' down the street I don't know what I'm saying.
I gotta mean face You better not step.
One false move I'll destroy and wreck.

I try to be cool But who am I really?
Just another no one Looking at the ceiling.
Oh well, screw you This is how I'm feeling.

We are so hardcore!

We don't play the radio and we don't wanna.
We don't play MTV and we ain't gonna.
I got my blue chucks and my red hat.
All the homies in the hood say, "Voit is Fat."

Hey everybody we are the crew Hey everybody we're gonna rock you

Pop!Punk! Sucks!.....

All songs written by Dan V, except, "No Girlfriend" written by Eddie. They are copyrighted now too! So don't steal them!