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Name: Dan
Jobs: voice, show setter-upper
Favorite Bands: Weezer, all the great bands we've played with.
Wants to Destroy: The "scene", ska, Tom's Little
Brother, vegetarianism, punk comformists, Shakin' Bacon.
Favorite Grub: Taco Bell, Wendy's, all kinds of cereal.

Name: Eddie
Jobs: guitar, a sexy chest
Favorite Bands: Saves the Day, Weezer, NOFX
Girl who was mean to him in Junior High: Elisabeth W.
Favorite People: women, his little brother, Dan's sister.
"Ed" Irony: In 7th grade saying "Dan one day we are gonna have a punk band and move to the East Bay" (we never did move to the EB, but now we know East Coast is better)

Name: Nate
Jobs: bass, a pretty face, B.O.
Favorite Bands: The Obvious, NOFX, "Seperated at Birth" (ha)
Nick Names: Smellme, Qualivar
x-Girl Friend we make fun of him about: Bethany
Person too lazy to make bio: Nate

Name: Pete
Jobs: drums, practicing at his house
Favorite Bands: Rage Against the Machine, Mxpx
Likes: Dominique
Dislikes: other guys who like her
Favorite Pass Time w/ band: watching his dog Damascus hump his bed, eat grass and puke, and run around.
Misc. Fact: Pete is quiet, a good drummer and was the last person to be added to SB.

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