Shakin' Bacon - Thanks for a year. All two of you.

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Shakin' Bacon presents: Nate and Dan
Message from beyond the grave by Jason J-
After nearly a year of spreading our personal brand of chaos upon the mostly unsuspecting and largely unaware masses, everybody's favorite band ever of all time, Shakin Bacon, has called it quits. You may ask, is the plan for world domination actually over? Where did all of your ideals and aspirations go? How can you leave us so unfulfilled? But listen, grasshopper, and you can understand that all is not lost. When one dies one is reborn in another form. From ashes to ashes and dust to dust and all that. So watch this space, and watch your back. There may be a day yet when your services are required one more time. Certainly, the band is dead but the music lives on. The kids will be without our guidance from now on, but we think that you'll be just fine. Right. Rock and roll forever and ever. Peace out.
Our demo CD gone and will never be reprinted or made again in any form. If you missed your chance you missed your chance. To hear what we sound like go to the Media section and listen to two of our Mp3s. It is all we have left.

<I>Makin' Bacon</I> our old '99 demo
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